Saturday, February 25, 2012

Wordle: Quick, Easy, Creative!

What it does
Wordle is a Web 2.0 tool that anyone can use for free! Wordle allows the user to create a word picture using any list, paragraph, article, essay of words they would like simply by typing or coping and pasting their words into the box and clicking submit.
 I have used Wordle in my classroom in the past as a way for students to create word pictures that describe the themes and major elements of stories and novels they have read. The end product shows what the students felt were important in their reading. Students enjoy using Wordle because it allows them to create their own unique product, and it is very easy to use and understand. If a Web 2.0 tool is defined by being easy to use, allows the user to create a product, and is interactive, Wordle gets all 3 stars!
The downside
What you create in Wordle needs to be printed before you exit the application. While your product can be saved to a public gallery, it is very, very hard to relocate your product. This means that as an educator, when you use Wordle with your students, be aware that they need to complete the word picture in the allotted class time.
Create a word picture of your own! Check out Wordle using this link!

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