Sunday, March 4, 2012

Another Aspect of Prezi

After creating my own Prezi presentations, I wanted to know can I use Prezi in any other ways in my own classroom. (I would love to have my students create their own Prezi presentations, but at this time my students do not have email addresses that have been okayed by my school.) I am always looking for new ideas or different ways to approach the concepts I discuss with my students, and it turns out Prezi is a great resource. You can use Prezi’s search feature and look for already created Prezi Presentations. Since I am exploring conjunctions with my students, I found some neat Prezi Presentations that I could share with my students and/or get inspiration for myself!
Currently I am discussing conjunctions with my students, so I searched for some neat conjunction presentations. Here are some already made and shared Prezi presentations about conjunctions! I really like the one titled "Coordinating Conjunctions," by user Meredith Maddux.

Try searching the presentations for a topic or concept you are discussing in your own classroom!

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