Sunday, March 4, 2012

Puzzling Puzzlemaker?

In a recent post regarding Discovery Education, I mentioned that they offer a free puzzlemaker to non-subscribers. I was curious as to how easy this puzzlemaker would be to use. To me, if it isn’t easy, a tool like this, may not be worth it.

I discovered that the Discovery Education Puzzlemaker is very easy to use! As for how you could use it in your own classroom, word searches can be great ways for students to familiarize themselves with vocabulary words; crosswords can be engaging ways to review definitions. You could even have your students create their own puzzles as a review of vocabulary words or concepts. They can create their own, print them out, and share them with their peers.

*One thing I really did like about the Discovery Puzzlemaker was that it allows you to easily go back to your work and edit and revise! This is something I am always looking to see if a Web 2.0 tool allows you to do!
Here is a snapshot of an example word search I created!

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